Saturday, December 13, 2008

Penang Trip

Had a blast in Penang after raya haji. The girls were very cooperative and my sister, who's working in Penang, was so kind to follow us from KL and so supporting to show the way to Ferry terminal. It was a long 2 hours wait but worth it. The children were enjoying themselves... Checked-in the hotel at 6.20 pm. Late 3 hours than we supposed to.

Had a delicious ikan jenahak bakar and udang bakar with nasi lemak at Telok Tempoyak. Great... it's only second day of raya and all shops were closed except drinks and this only ikan bakar shop. Would love to come again on the last day. Thought of make a second visit after our war museum. It took us 2 hours and nearly 81 km (the actual is 81 km, we skipped most of the obstacle). We were rushing to the Penang bridge. We do not want to contribute to the already jammed bridge together with everybody working heading back home. Will update more once I uploaded all the photo.

Friday, November 21, 2008

my last ifftar

Thanx to this guy I managed to get the much awaited pix of my last ifftar, the saddest ifftar when my children are already back at my home town with my sisters, while better half was at work. Decided to have ifftar with Cik Lyn, Cik Ros and ijam ler. Sian we all kan tapi ... food nya Masya allah... Kurrr semangat. Alhamdullilah. we had to pack the left overs. I got the untouched chicken wings - the menu for sahur for both me and better half... We had that with only white rice... well... better half is contented with his sahur. Hahaha/

Alfatihah for Jay, My cousin brother

Mom called today to say that My cousin brother, Jay has ended his one year struggle and fight against lung cancer. Alfatihah to him ....

We seldom speak to each other as he is so used to be the only one at home. At the age of six he followed my auntie to New York. My auntie, a single parent, together with Jay furthered her studies at Syracuse University, New York. My old schoolmate, who studies there used to baby sit Jay when my auntie were busy with her studies and need to go to Uni. Saw them in the pictures she showed me during one of my visit to their place in Shah Alam. The longest conversation we had was when better half and me visited him at University Hospital PJ. He looked good. Waiting for another chemo treatment before discharged. He also had an operation a few months back. My auntie said the operation went well. It had been quite sometime since I last heard from her.

Jay, is my auntie's only son and child. I know it's hard for a parent to be outlived by their children. It's especially hard when it's your only one. For my auntie... be strong. May Allah bless his soul and place him in Jannah.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Let go

Suddenly, while writing my earlier entry, I remembered one friend who is residing in U.S. Been there since he left school way back in 1984. Never left U.S. since then. (As of our last communication in 1997) "Well... in one point of life you must let go. Let go of someone you love and if he comes back, you are meant for each other." I listened to him and let go... did he come back? No... I resent myself for letting him go. Then.

My other let go version was - getting myself included in the drop out stats in UiTM. After 2 years of day and night above average performance in the masters program from the University's communication faculty, I was really determined to finish my thesis writing. However, along the way, I forgot when did I lost interest. One thing for sure, I know I started the program as a single lady. Along the way I "upgraded" my profile to engaged, married, pregnant my first daughter, gave birth, pregnant again to my second daughter and while in confinement, got news that I was dropped from the program. I let go and gained 2 beautiful princesses... Hahaha./

Forgetting my blog?

It's been more than a month since I last updated my blog. Lots of things has happened.

One incident -- my friend that I looked up as an elder sister lost her mom. Her passing was some what a relieved to my friend as to end her mom's misery. She has not been well for quite sometime and arwah can't take solid food for months now. She hardly eaten. In one point of life you have to let go. I only knew she was not well a week before. My friend kept telling me that she's ready with anything and every time she when back to KL for work commitment, she was ready that would be the last time she saw her mom alive. It was just another ordinary drive back to visit my parents but her sms that Friday evening brought the news and decided we should visit her the next day. It was not planned.

My hubby's former boss, who is one of her best friends, came. Hubby's former boss said arwah was as old as her mom but she lost her more than 10 years ago. As we chatted away, we opened the veil that covered her face. We looked at her cold but calm face as if she was only sleeping. She doesn't look that old only her white hair showed. I remembered last year's raya, when I came, she can no longer walk. In a sitting position, she was dragging her body from the toilet after taking her wudu' to perform her asr prayer as the call for prayer were aired in TV. There we were, strong and healthy still chatting away forgetting the time.

Earlier, when hubby and I first arrived, there were 3 makciks preparing the "kain kafan" and gossiping and chatting away about this lady who lost her husband, this man taken another lady for his 3rd wives and etc..etc... I raised one eye brow to my friend. She was in grieve but her comment was short: "Well... life must go on". I agreed but these mak ciks has lots of "sense of humour to start their day". I can't stay long as there is also a tahlil organized by dad at home. My father's only brother of the same mom and dad is already home. My dad is so excited to have his brother coming over. At the old age, your siblings are the one you rely on. To share the memories you had with your parents just to relive what they have shared together. When my brother sent Pak Long to the bus station, saw my dad shed his tears that wells in his eyes.

While writing I suddenly forgot what had happened in the one long month. Hahaha...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Handbag Planet for free Contest

Guys ... got this link from FB. To celebrate their launch on 15 Oct 2008, Handbag Planet will give handbag for free. Go to this link - It's a contest?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Malay movie/drama

Just read my friend who turned film/drama director cum script writer's facebook notes. Talking about Malay movie/drama produced now days are just low quality in terms of story line and using recycle ideas from foreign drama/film.

I contributed to the discussion on one friend's remarks about the possibility of a malay science fiction based on astrophysics theory? Something like Stargate on collaboration with universities' professor. Well, there is one lecturer turned film/drama director, watched what he produced? I bet, you know the answer.

What do you think I wrote? Well here goes:
I don't think Malay drama/film director will have time or the brain (tho' not all) to do all the research on such genre - something like a rocket science kinda thing. I am sure if there is such attempt, end up no one will watch the movie/drama. Any one agree, show your support.

I have been wanting to discuss about this for years.-- There is this tv3 drama - Ayuni or what but the main character is Ayuni, starring Umi Aida. She had cancer and before she get to be hospitalized suddenly she lost her hair. Over what I don't know. This is one classic case director/script writer never do homework. You don't loose hair over cancer but the treatment of cancer ie chemotheraphy or radiation. Viola... I rest my case. How did I know? My mom was a cancer patient then. - end -

*sigh* Either I start telling to the tv what to do or I start counting my stars. One ... two ... threzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.